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When A Life Ends. . .

Today I learned that a friend of my son, 31 yrs of age, was stabbed to death yesterday.  Kevin came to our home many times.  He had a beautiful smile, soft-spoken and very polite and kind to me.  He always stopped in the living room to chat with me for a bit before he would go upstairs to our son’s room.  He’d say “How’s it goin’ Mrs. O?  You been alright?”  He knew about my double lung transplant and always asked how I was feeling.

The other part of his story is that he would sell “weed” to my son and a few others. I kind of suspected it, but I was never told that.  But right now I just care about his family who has lost a son or a brother or an uncle.  My heart hurts knowing that I won’t see that smile again or hear him ask me how I’m feeling.

I don’t excuse what he was doing, but I also don’t condemn him.  I cared about him.

I place Kevin in God’s good mercy and forgiveness and beg for his soul as you would any young person who meets his God this way.  I have compassion for him – I can’t imagine God not having compassion on him.

God Bless You Kevin!  And God Bless Kevin’s family!!!

And God bless all of you who offer a prayer for him this night!!!

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

A Place For Humanity

This world is more than just a place

where people live and die.

It’s more than making money

building houses to the sky.

There’s so much more to this whole world

than any eye can see.

It’s knowing deep inside your heart

the place where you should be.

It’s being with the poor ones

to help build their  dignity.

It’s being more determined now

to share their poverty.

It’s sharing all your worldly goods

with those who have much less.

And giving all you have to give .`

it’s through this that we’re blessed.

Yes there’s more to this whold world

than any eye can see ~

It’s working, shaping, carving out

a place for humanity.

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

The Love That Lies Asleep

For many days and weeks I sat and wondered ~

deliberted with myself and pondered

how best to show the love you thought was squandered.

I felt denied ~ I’ll bet you felt abandoned.

My thoughts of you are more and more companion ~

I want so much to share the love you offer,

but something holds me back, I search for answers.

I find so hard to say the things I need to ~

just knowing how to start comes to an end.

If you and I could hold each other closely,

perhaps the words would help to heal and mend.

We need each other now and for all seasons

to build anew the love that lies asleep,

to hear those words so long ago, so distant

yet deep within my heart the memories keep.

For lovers know how loud the sound of silence

We draw the curtain round to hide the pain.

but, somehow in our lonliness we hope for

the one we know whose love makes whole again.

I’ve taken aim at you with words unspoken,

you’ve answered back with no more words than I.

we want so much to love each other deeply,

but flounder in a sea of empty whys.

If we could just be honest with our feelings

and toss all cares and worries to the floor,

we’d be in better shape to go on loving

because we know that that’s what we’re here for.

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

This is being reblogged with the permission of the owner of the blog “Will of Heart”. I also love the wording of Psalm 23. This post really grabbed my heart. Please pray for all who are suffering due to natural disasters. Sandy O

Will Of Heart

In this moment that everyone is preparing for the coming up season, everybody is in the festive mood. My apology but can’t help myself to share it with you folks!

I honestly feel sad and can’t set aside my feelings about my fellow Filipinos who are in pain at this moment because of the tragedy brought by typhoon Sendong just recently in Cagayan De Oro. And according to the latest figure that passed away because of the landslide it was about thousands now.

As of the moment every Filipinos and some countries extend their help for all the victims, and I honestly admire to our president, President Ninoy Aquino, who gave quick attention for the matter and the government, some private institutions, individuals, people around the world gave help for all the victims of calamities.

If you saw the casualties from the people buried on the ground, specially…

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