Inspire Me!

Who inspires you?

My grown children inspire me.  They have grown to be good, solid people who are kind and level headed.  Sometimes I would worry that they would turn out different than I had hoped, but I must say they are good, good people.

My 4 grandchildren inspire me.  They keep me young at heart and make me laugh.  We all need laughter and in big doses these days.  The times are hard and it is the children that keep us going and make us see what is really important.

I have a relative who inspirers me.  I want to keep his identity secret because I don’t want to embarrass him, but he lives in a shelter recovering from an addiction.  For Christmas he came to our house and brought with him a gift bag with three presents in it.  One for my husband which was a Steeler mug.  One for my son which was a wool cap and leather gloves since he works outside and for me he gave me some jewelry.  He said you should know that I got these gifts out of the trash.  He lives in a shelter which also has a thrift store.  This thrift store was about to throw away these things, so he went through them to find gifts for us.  He didn’t want to come to Christmas dinner without gifts for his family.  Let me tell you that the gifts he gave, especially the bangle bracelet which says,” The greatest thing we can do for our Heavenly Father is to love His children”, is the most precious of gifts I could ever have received.  He took the time and looked for something that would be right for each of us.  Things that were due to be thrown away were found to be good enough for his family.  THAT inspires me!

I would like my Church to inspire me.  Sometimes that just doesn’t happen, sometimes it does.  I keep hearing from people who tell me that they don’t want to go to their parish church because they don’t like their priest.  They say he is rude or doesn’t care.  I’m wondering if it is because he is just overworked like many of our parish priests are.  Maybe he is having a rough patch, but for years? 

I am concerned that in some ways we are losing the spark, the inspiration that we keep looking for.  Perhaps that spark can come from us, the laity.  Can we inspire the clergy to more energy, more life, more light?  Is this a one way street?  Who is really responsible to keep this Church alive?  Is it the ultimate responsibility of the clergy?  Do the laity have a responsibility to keep the Church alive?

Ask yourself these questions.  I believe that we all have a responsibility to keep this Church alive.  We all have a responsibility to God to stand for Him and spread his Word.  We are the Church!

What do you think???


2 thoughts on “Inspire Me!

  1. I firmly believe that we all have a responsibility to keep the fires burning – especially the laity. Excellent reflection.
    Brother Andre

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