How We Spent Our Spring Vacation ~ 1987

We spent a week in Yonkers

or it seemed so late one night.

The gangs roamed round ~

we be lost, not found

We all felt one thing ~ fright!


Oh yes, and then we had a time

just finding roads to take.

We drove this way, we drove that way,

please God, give us a break.


We packed the car, we took a priest

and headed down the road.

New York was the first stop

one of many, bless our souls.


Jamaica, what a strange name

in a place they know as Queens.

But this is where the royals live ~

the houses, what a scene!


We came to visit Angelo

who’s also known as Brother.

We felt like “Queens” at dinner time

on the day we honor mothers.


Three women on a whirlwind tour

the coast won’t be the same.

Boston, Salem, New York City,

what were the other names?


Oh yes, there’s Medway, Milford, Millis,

Six pennies in my pocket ~ ~

I used that line because I need

a rhyme to say WOONSOCKET!!!


The Cape named Cod’s a special place

the ocean, rocks and sand.

We watched the waves and segulls fly

through the palm of God’s own hand.


We have good friends in many towns

and we’re glad for  their affection,

because we need another place

to spend our next vacation!!!

Sandy Ozanich ~ Spring 1987

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