Mind Blowers!

Sodium Nitrite, MSG,

Glucose, Fructose, Vitamin E

Will we ever be set free

from this chemical menagerie?


Pop a table, drink a mix,

daily sugar for your fix.

I think we’ve had enough of this,

there are other ways to get your kicks.


Yoga, TM, Reverend Moon,

“All aboard your mind balloon.

Bet ya won’t be landing soon!

Oh well, it’s only half past noon!!”


Do you think the pills you take

will keep your sleepy eyes awake

long enough to hit our brake

to save you from an early wake?


C’mon get your head together.

Life is great in any weather. . .

don’t transform your brain to feathers,

pray, be healthy, you’ll feel better!!!

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

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