When I Grow Up To Be A Child

When I grow up to be a child

I think that I shall be

so full of wonder, full of joy

at everything I see.


We grownups get so “stuffy”

so wrapped up in “grown up things”

that we soon forget the rainbows

and the pleasures that they bring. . .


Like walking through a puddle

running barefoot through the grass

making mud pies for a nickel

blowing bubbles smooth as glass.


I would laugh at silly puppies

as they chase their silly tails.

I would go down to the river bank

and float Ivory Soap with sails.


I would stare in wild-eyed wonder

as a robin builds her nest ~ ~

I would live on hugs and kisses

stopping now and then to rest.


If I had one wish to make dear Lord

a dream come true for me,

I would tell you that when I grow up

it’s a child I want to be!

Sandy Ozanich ~ copyright 2012

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