Breathing. . .it's a good thing!!!

Today is my birthday ~ my 61st Birthday no less.  It’s a day for happiness, not because I am 61 but because I am alive!

When I was in my late 40’s early 50’s my Pulmonologist told me that if I didn’t have a lung transplant chances were I would not see 60 yrs.  I’m here to tell ya that I’ve made it. . .to 61!!!

I am so thankful to God  for his unbridled love for me ~ that He reached down and touched me and gave me a second chance because of organ donation.  Now, I don’t for one minute forget that someone died so that I could live ~ and in this instance I mean the young man who died and whose lungs I most humbly breathe with.  What a tremendous gift!!!  I am so grateful to his family for allowing me the chance to live and…

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