Breathing. . .it's a good thing!!!

I remember the call I got from my Pre-Transplant Coordinator ~ “Hey Sand, guess what I’m doing?” he asked.  “I don’t have a clue” I answered.   “I’m putting you on the list” he said.  Wow!  Paul was putting me on the transplant list.  I was so excited/so scared.  “Ok, great.  So what do I do now?”  I asked.  “You need to get a pager and make sure I have the number so I can reach you when we get a pair of lungs for you” Paul said.

Do you know how hard it is to get a pager these days???  In the age of cellphones, pagers are not in big demand, at least not then.  I did have a cellphone, but my husband and I still went on to find a pager.  We finally found one, in a shop in Oakland run by a man from Israel.  Ok, now that’s…

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