Strength to Live By. . .

I  would like to quote Dietrich Bonhoeffer from his book: Life Together.

“Has the fellowship served to make the individual free, strong, and mature, or has it made him weak and dependent?  Has it taken him by the hand for a while in order that he may learn again to walk by himself, or has it made him uneasy or unsure?”

Christians need Christians in order to walk in the way of Jesus.  We cannot isolate ourselves from each other; we have things to learn and things to teach.  Christianity is not a solo faith, we must teach, learn, encourage one another and pray with and for one another.

Let us learn from each other ~ priest and laity alike, for this is our Church.  It does not belong to one group or the other.  It belongs to all of us and we have been commissioned by Christ to be light to those in darkness.

Being a Christian does not mean one stop at Mass on Sunday and then you are done for the week.  It means being present to those around you, giving of yourself to your family, friends, those in need of a smile or encouragement.  I think about this all the time and accuse myself of not living up to these same standards.

If each of us, and boy does that include me so very much, pick up our love and give it to someone who really needs to see your smile, hear your voice, know you are there for them ~ give Jesus to the world.  Give Jesus to your family, your neighborhood, yourself when you feel that you need that love to carry on each day.

Writer’s Note:  I would like to recommend a couple books:  Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxis, The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Letters Papers from Prison by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

I am Roman Catholic and I will be recommending other books as time passes from Roman Catholic authors, but I also find Dietrich Bonhoeffer an interesting man who stood up for what he believed in, Jesus Christ.  His is a powerful witness to what happens in a society when evil takes over and how his belief in Jesus Christ gave him the strength to stand up to that evil.

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

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