This is being reblogged with the permission of the owner of the blog “Will of Heart”. I also love the wording of Psalm 23. This post really grabbed my heart. Please pray for all who are suffering due to natural disasters. Sandy O

Will Of Heart

In this moment that everyone is preparing for the coming up season, everybody is in the festive mood. My apology but can’t help myself to share it with you folks!

I honestly feel sad and can’t set aside my feelings about my fellow Filipinos who are in pain at this moment because of the tragedy brought by typhoon Sendong just recently in Cagayan De Oro. And according to the latest figure that passed away because of the landslide it was about thousands now.

As of the moment every Filipinos and some countries extend their help for all the victims, and I honestly admire to our president, President Ninoy Aquino, who gave quick attention for the matter and the government, some private institutions, individuals, people around the world gave help for all the victims of calamities.

If you saw the casualties from the people buried on the ground, specially…

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  1. thank you Sandra for the reblog of this post, yes I also feel the same after I captured that verse and have a sudden burst of emotions after I read that tweet, but GOD is always good, I know we can always stand after any tragedy…. God bless you… 🙂

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