The Love That Lies Asleep

For many days and weeks I sat and wondered ~

deliberted with myself and pondered

how best to show the love you thought was squandered.

I felt denied ~ I’ll bet you felt abandoned.

My thoughts of you are more and more companion ~

I want so much to share the love you offer,

but something holds me back, I search for answers.

I find so hard to say the things I need to ~

just knowing how to start comes to an end.

If you and I could hold each other closely,

perhaps the words would help to heal and mend.

We need each other now and for all seasons

to build anew the love that lies asleep,

to hear those words so long ago, so distant

yet deep within my heart the memories keep.

For lovers know how loud the sound of silence

We draw the curtain round to hide the pain.

but, somehow in our lonliness we hope for

the one we know whose love makes whole again.

I’ve taken aim at you with words unspoken,

you’ve answered back with no more words than I.

we want so much to love each other deeply,

but flounder in a sea of empty whys.

If we could just be honest with our feelings

and toss all cares and worries to the floor,

we’d be in better shape to go on loving

because we know that that’s what we’re here for.

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

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