When A Life Ends. . .

Today I learned that a friend of my son, 31 yrs of age, was stabbed to death yesterday.  Kevin came to our home many times.  He had a beautiful smile, soft-spoken and very polite and kind to me.  He always stopped in the living room to chat with me for a bit before he would go upstairs to our son’s room.  He’d say “How’s it goin’ Mrs. O?  You been alright?”  He knew about my double lung transplant and always asked how I was feeling.

The other part of his story is that he would sell “weed” to my son and a few others. I kind of suspected it, but I was never told that.  But right now I just care about his family who has lost a son or a brother or an uncle.  My heart hurts knowing that I won’t see that smile again or hear him ask me how I’m feeling.

I don’t excuse what he was doing, but I also don’t condemn him.  I cared about him.

I place Kevin in God’s good mercy and forgiveness and beg for his soul as you would any young person who meets his God this way.  I have compassion for him – I can’t imagine God not having compassion on him.

God Bless You Kevin!  And God Bless Kevin’s family!!!

And God bless all of you who offer a prayer for him this night!!!

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

2 thoughts on “When A Life Ends. . .

  1. God is a God of Compassion. I have no doubt but that this God has embraced Kevin. Each person’s life is filled with mystery. I have learned (and am still learning) not to make judgements. God alone knows the depths of a person.

    I will pray for Kevin. He is now at peace.

    Brother Andre

  2. Thank you Brother Andre. I kept thinking and I still think this with everyone, that if I, a mere human being, can find compassion for someone, then I know that God must have compassion to an even greater degree than I.

    Sandy O

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