Breath of Faith

Jesus, restore me to the land of the living!

Give to me the  breath of faith. . .

I brought my death with me

like so much challenged hope!

Place within me a heart of flesh.


I carried on my shoulder all  the negatives and hates. . .

dying for life. . .for newness. . .

for resurrection!


Send forth your Spirit and the face of the earth shall be renewed.

My very spirit sprouts wings of joy!

and here I stand. . .expectant. . .humble. . .

trembling with the love of it all,

yearning with all my heart for that which is good, strong, holy. . .


And so, all within me that was death has been risen!

A new life has been born of the old!


My heart’s desire was Your gift to me.

Rejoice and be glad my heart, for you have touched that which is real.

God has gifted you with His reality, His life,

His breath of faith.

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

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