The Watchman

He was standing in the  doorway

looking taller than the night,

and His eyes became like dancing flames

as they caught the soft moonlight.


And as I walked on toward Him

He quickly left that place,

but I followed close behind Him

never knowing what we’d face.


He led me to an open field

where the sheep and little lambs grew,

and He laid his hand upon me

and spoke these words so new.


“Feed my sheep and warm their hearts,

never leave them all alone.

You are the watchman of my flock,

so give my sheep a home.”


He didn’t say another word

but slowly walked away,

and yet I knew beyond a doubt

that I had found aa way.


I pondered on the words He’d said

and thought about the way

he never had to raise His voice

to make me learn to pray.


I simply followed close behind,

drawn by this strange new man

who spoke with such authority

by simply raising His hand.


I didn’t realize then my friend

the power He possessed,

but I knew I wanted more of this

new joy that filled my breast!


And then one day I saw Him ~

at least I thought it was

the same man who had led me

to that field among the straws ~


His face was torn and beaten,

His legs were black and blue ~

but I never will forget those eyes

that had that dancing hue!


As fear began to grip me

He slowly turned my way

and gave me such a peaceful smile

that all I did was say,


“I’ll follow anywhere You go

and do those things You choose,

because a man with all Your strength

can never, ever lose!”


And as He hung upon that cross,

His love for us was sealed,

because He suffered for us all

and to us He revealed. . .


That He’s the Son of God on High

His gentle touch was felt

by the strongest men in all the world

and at His gaze they’d melt.


But, even more exciting is

the day He rose again

because we know that we ourselves

will rise up like He did!

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

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