The Challenge

The challenge has been placed before me.  Do I dare refuse the man whose whole earthly life was spent in consecration, in humility, in suffering for my sins?  My gratitude to the Lord of Creation places before me the quest of becoming like Him, whether convenient or inconvenient.  What is in my past my gracious Lord has forgiven.  What lies in my present, my loving Lord guides.  What lies head of me, I do not know.  I can only be sure of this,  Jesus Christ is my Lord ~ yesterday, today and tomorrow and I belong to Him.  I consecrate myself to Him.  I live only for Him.  In all my imperfections, I know He purifies me.  Let me not oh Lord resist your loving hand.  Let me realize myself as someone in need of Your love and patient forgiveness.  May I always accept humbly and graciously Your love, Your chastening, Your forgiveness, Your call to holiness!

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

2 thoughts on “The Challenge

    • Thank you Br Andre. I actually wrote this back in the 1980’s
      and I still feel this way and am searching for even deeper experiences
      of love and life with Christ.

      It’s good to have someone read and listen AND to tell me if I am straying
      too far off the track. Thank YOU!

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