A Matter of Conscience

I think everyone is aware of the big controversy between  the United States Government Healthcare Plan and the Catholic Church on matters of birth control, sterilization and morning after pills.

I have been listening to the conversations about this by the “talking heads” etc. and I don’t agree that this is about birth control.  I think this is about control, government control.

Bear with me for a moment.  My belief is if the Catholic Church didn’t stand up for the principles and the moral obligations of all Catholics, the government  then has a foothold of control within the Church and other bodies of religious belief.

I am proud of Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York for standing firm in the teachings of our faith.  He could do no less.

If we allow this intrusion into the Catholic Church by the government there will be no stopping the government in controlling other areas of our lives.  This is not the role of government, it is a First Amendment Right ~ freedom of religion.  It was for this our country was founded.

Whether or not you believe in contraception is not the real issue here, the real issue is control.

I and many others will continue to stand up for our beliefs even if it means going to jail.

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

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