What A Day. . .

I’m having a crappy day today and as a matter of fact the whole weekend was rather crappy.

My body hurts, I’m tired and sweaty.  It’s my joints really that are hurting.  More than that I didn’t go to work on Friday nor today, which is Monday.  Here’s the thing, I’m feeling absolutely guilty for not showing up.  I sent my husband to pick up our grandson for school and I called off work.

I know that sometimes my body just says, “That’s it!  Had enough this week.”  I hate feeling like this because it brings me down into that place where I would rather not be.  I also had some terrible nightmares ~ and I rarely if ever remember those.

I just had to rant a little because I’ve been through this before and I am asking God to help me see what it is I am missing.  Maybe I’m not missing anything at all, maybe it’s just one of those days. . .What am I supposed to learn from this situation.  And then again, I do have the bad habit of over-analyzing everything.  I hate that too.

So, okay, not every day is a pleasant experience and I thought I’d share mine with you.  Aren’t you glad I did???

I will pray for you ~ I ask that you pray for me.

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

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