Little Children, Big Emotions

As adults I think we sometimes dismiss the emotions of little children.  Perhaps not all adults, but I know some who do.

I remember years ago when my mother-in-law and her friend Helen came to visit, my children were toddlers then.  When they askedd my why I wasn’t feeding them lunch because it was 12 noon, I explained that they weren’t in the mood at  12 noon and would have lunch in an hour or two.

Helen, who had never had children herself, said that children don’t have “moods” they do what the parents want, when the parents want.  She didn’t uses those words exactly, but that was the essence of the meaning.

This morning was the perfect answer to that very wrong notion that little kids don’t have moods or emotions.

I must back this up by saying that one week ago I was babysitting 2 of my grandchildren Colby and Maya.  Colby is 4 and Maya is 2.  Later in the day their mother, my daughter Kelly called from work and asked me to come an pick her up because she was sick.  Her stomach was really hurting and she felt miserable.  As the day went on it was decided that she should go to the urgent care center.  The urgent care center sent her to the hospital to see if her appendix was inflamed.

Long story short, her paternal grandparents came over to watch the kids while I went to the hospital to see how Kelly was doing.  Little Maya cried her eyes out when the other grandparents came over.  She didn’ want me to leave and was so unhappy.  My heart was broken for her, but I knew she would be ok.

This morning when I went down to pick up her brother Colby and take him to school, Maya would not look at me!  She turned her head to the side and even put her hand on her cheek to keep her head turned so she would not look at me.  Oh my goodness!!!  This had never happened before!  I was heartbroken.  Maya is a very sensitive little girl and I know how much she looks forward to me coming over.  She will jump up and cry out, “Grandma Sandy!!!”  Not this morning. . .Her mother said, “don’t worry mom, she’ll get over it.  It will be ok!”  That wasn’t helping, I actually cried because I thought I had broken her little smiling heart!

I am headed back down there in an hour or so to watch her while her dad sleeps because he works night turn.  We’ll see how she is.

Children have feelings and they express them.  Let’s not dismiss them because they cry or feel angry or sad.  As the old expression says, “Kids are people too”  is so true and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I’m going down to kiss her and give her a big hug and let her know just how much I love her.

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

One thought on “Little Children, Big Emotions

  1. yes you are right Sandy sometimes if we are too busy we tend to forget our kiddo’s that they are growing up and have swing moods, my nephew is living with me since four months old and he is such an angel to me…

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