We Are On The Verge Of Human-ness

I believe there can never be a meeting of the minds in the quest for peace unless there is first a meeting of the hearts.

And what do I mean by a meetng of the hearts?  I mean that each person must look upon the face of the other and see their own reflection.

A Maya Angelou has said over and over again  through her poetry, “we are all more alike than unalike”.   We are peace or we are war; we are hope or we are despair; we are joy or we are sadness.

Even in  the midst of real pain and sadness we can hold firm to the truth that “in God, we live and move and have our being.”  We are the bearers of this great and holy legacy; that in my weakness I am made strong.  That even in the struggle we build strength and in that struggle true joy is achieved.

We have the choice set before us ~ we can use the energy of our life experiences as a step to strength and joy or we can allow the negatives to knock us down and kill our spirit.  No one who has ever felt true joy has felt it without true knowledge of pain.  When we have known pain and struggle, we are then better able to understand meaning of true peace and joy.

We are on the verge of human-ness.  We are on the verge of the most intimate knowledge that in Christ all things are possible, all things are within our reach!

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

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