Amazing Ella Grace

On Friday, February 24, 2012 my niece Cara was induced to give birth to her second child, a daughter.  An occasion for joy and happiness. . .except this time.   As time went on the progress of her labor was getting slower.

By late Friday evening Cara started pushing this beautiful little girl out, but there were some complications.  Cara was rushed into surgery for a C-Section.  In their haste to get the baby out, the child sustained a cut to her back which required stitches.

Baby Ella was finally born around 1am Saturday, February 25, 2012.  She was whisked away to the NICU (Intensive Care for Newborns).

Ella’s mom, Cara remained in surgery for another 4 or so hours because they just couldn’t stop the bleeding.  Cara was taken to ICU to rest, but was taken again to surgery a few hours later for an emergency hysterectomy because the bleeding just wouldn’t stop.  Cara is only 28 years old.

Isn’t it incredible how God works???  You may be asking me how I can say this, or maybe you aren’t.  I find it incredible because Cara’s husband has family members who are missionaries.  One of his cousins suggested that Ella have a new middle name.  They originally wanted to name her Ella Marie, but Danny’s cousin said, “It was God’s grace that pulled them through, why not name her Ella Grace!”  How appropriate, how wonderful!  Little Ella Grace will always carry God’s Grace with her.

We are all thankful to God for His great mercy.  How many of us realize how very fragile is the thread that holds us between life and death?  During this time of Lent, I want my prayer to be, “Lord, I love you and I want to draw ever closer to you each and every day!  Let my life be a prayer, for You are my breath and my source of love, God of my heart!”

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