For Dad

This was written in honor of our dad who passed from this life to another many years ago. . .

Well dad we meet again.  This time we’re on a journey.  A journey that will take you home, a journey that will take the rest of us to the outer fringes of your travel.  This is one trip you must make alone, at least just at first, but now. . .

a hospital bed, yellow, clammy skin and my own tears

trailing, beading on your arm.

Blood flowing out from you only to be pushed in anew.

Breath, choreographed by a machine. . .in, out, in ,out it pumps.

“Daddy, does it hurt?, Can you hear me?” I ask in my best little

girl voice.  “Just rest, it let us all love you, you’ll feel it, it will help”.

So here we are!

Full of oceans of love, torrents of pain, pounding heads and helpful silence.

Each living on an island of guilt.  All of us caught between reality and

fantasy, hope and no hope.

“Only a matter of time”, they say.  Before what?  Before you enter your new birth. . .

In our terms a death. . .My heart skips a beat!  “It’s over!” they say, “Over”

Oh God, I can’t let him go. . .I don’t want to. . .I must let him go.

Give us strength Jesus in this anguish.  Help us through this sorrow ~ so much sorrow!

“Yet unless a grain of wheat fall to the ground and die, it shall remain but a

single grain of wheat and not give life”

Give us peace O Lord.  A peace that the world cannot know.

For to You we give all honor, glory and praise!

A new life is born, a new journey begun.

Birth comes through pain, death also ~ his pain, our pain.

Yet the pain we all suffered and still suffer has helped

Give birth to dad’s new life.  A new life with our Lord.

Sandy Ozanich ~ © 2012





3 thoughts on “For Dad

  1. While reading this my tears fallen slowly into my cheeks, I miss Dad specially when I was in the hospital sometimes even we are older and can handle ourselves in times of pain and difficulties the presence of our parents ease the pain, He will always remain in my heart forever…

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