Who??? Me???


I found this statement on my Facebook page this morning and I shared it with my Facebook friends.  Now, I would like to share it with you.

It is quite a statement at that!  I think that some of us believe that God won’t call us to do  certain things like talk with others about Jesus, or proclaim the Good News that Jesus brings, or tell how God has made a difference in our life.  Why would He call me?  I’m not a good speaker, I am not perfect, I tell lies sometimes, I drink now and then. . .and I’m only a High School graduate.  Other people are more educated, more articulate, more, more, more.

Don’t know how to tell ya, but God does want you and He wants me.  We are His children and we have a story to tell.  We have good stories to tell.  Some of the stories are glorious, others are pain-filled, still others are pretty calm and easy-going; but all of them speak of a God who loves, a Savior who takes the sins of the world upon his shoulders, literally, and puts that sin to death with Him on that cross for you, for me, for your friends and for your enemies. . .

What do we do about this?  We go where God calls us because He has promised to show us the way so that we can be beacons of Light for those we meet.  Come, let us light the way.

Sandy Ozanich ~ © 2012





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