I am re-blogging this post from my other blog, Breathing. . .it’s a good thing because Joe Smith had a special place in my heart.

Breathing. . .it's a good thing!!!

This morning around 6:30am my friend Joe Smith died.  Joe became a friend of mine when I was told that I would need a double lung transplant.

You see, Joe had had a heart transplant 6 years previously at this time.  We became friends because his daughter, Sandy, worked with my daughter, Megan at the VA Hospital in the CCU.  Megan told Sandy that I needed a transplant and that’s when she told Megan that her dad might be of help to me as I waited for my transplant.

Not long after that Joe called me and talked to me about his transplant and how he felt about it.  He was working full time and he loved being busy.  He worked away from home during the week and went home on weekends to his wife.

Joe had said something to me that made all the sense in the world, he…

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  1. Sandy, dear one, your writing is deep and wide and gives me the chance to hold you close in my heart.

    You and Joe Smith — what a connection! How important is the support you gave each other. Your kiss through the mask – what a beautiful image.

    Grateful for your breath, your hope, your reaching out,

    • Nancy my greatest of friends! Thank you for reading about Joe Smith. He was such a nice man.
      I am so glad to know that you will always be here for me as I will be here for you!!! What more
      can friends ask for???

      Love and many blessings to you,

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