Cross Purposes

I could never understand it; the cross, you know.

How could you willingly go to such a horrible death?

I stood there in shock, wondering what it all meant, if it

meant anything at all ~ ~ ~you were the one who always challenged

the law and now you allow yourself to be a victim of that same law.

I thought you said you had come to save us, to set us free, to destroy

the ones who hold us bound ~ now they are destroying you!

“They did not desgtroy me, they only succeeded in destroying themselves”.

We are at Cross Purposes my friend ~ ~

Step outside your Jerusalem walls and weep with me.

Look within your Lawful Gates and see the ones who wait for love;

love for the sake of love

love without recrimination

love without judgement

Do not set your pride above your compassion

Weep with me for the victims of their Letter Laws ~ ~

the ones that have been crucified with disdain;

those who don’t conform. . .

the gay ones. . .

the homeless and poor ones. . .

the welfare mother. . .

Stand with me, watch with me, follow me. . .

Because when all is said and done the Cross wins the victory, the Cross wins!!!

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

2 thoughts on “Cross Purposes

    • Thank you Br. Andre. I wasn’t sure how it would be received. I wrote this a few years ago and didn’t know how to finish it.

      I wish you all the most wonderful graces and blessings of this Holy Week and Easter ~ May the hand of God caress you in love and strengthen you for the journey.

      Sandy Ozanich

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