I wrote the following poem several years ago.  At that time and still today I tend to look upon the Holy Spirit in the feminine.  Don’t know why, just feels right to me.


The Spirit of the Living god

is a dear sweet friend of mine.

She helps me with my human-ness

and shows me the Divine.

We’ve travelled oh so many roads

along my journey home,

And if I wander off the path,

she’s with me as I roam.

A gentle nudge is what she gives

if I should stray too far.

Some people call her conscience,

but, I know who you are!

She knows my heart is fragile

so she handles me with care.

But she’s not afraid to let me know

when I might need more prayer.

I love this constant friend of mine,

I trust in her concern.

She’s taught me all the simple truths

each human soul must learn.

I’m confident she’s leading me

in the way that I must go,

for I’ve seen the bright green pastures

where the gentle breezes blow.

I’ll always need her by my side

for that’s how it should be.

I give her all my gratitude

for the love she’s given me.

Sandy Ozanich ~ (c) 2012

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