Is Dead Really Dead???


            So many times we have head that so and so passed on.  Or we’ll ask someone, “how’s your mom doing?” And the reply will be something like, “Oh, she passed last night.”

            Actually I used to wonder why we didn’t just call it what it is?  Dead is dead!  I believed that people just didn’t like to use the word “dead” because it is so final, sooo very much the end of it all; that we are all afraid to say dead because it is one of those “jinx” things; say it and it will come true for you.

            My opinion has changed in this matter.  To say someone or something is dead means that it stops all functions, no more life at all.  Of course for those of us who believe in eternal life, dead just doesn’t say it for me anymore.

            I like the phrase “passed on” more and more because it speaks the truth.  It speaks of eternity, of passing to the arms of our Lord and the family who has gone before us.  It means passing from this shell of a body that is restricted by time and space to a spiritual level unfettered by the chains of sin and sadness.

            Yes, passed on. . .I like it.


Sandy Ozanich © 2012

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