Christine’s post, Our Father the ATM?, is a wonderful reflection on prayer. I actually talked with God this morning at Mass telling Him that I found that after all these years, I just don’t know how to pray right now. I have been busy asking for things for others, not so much myself, but how often have I told Him how much I love Him and all the things He has done for me.

I think you will find this post very enriching.

May God bless you with Joy and Strength for the journey!!!

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  1. It’s easy to just go to God in prayer when we need something. When life is going good and there’s no bumps in the road I find I pray way less often. I’ve been trying to be more intentional about my prayer life recently and try to pray for other and to praise and thank God for the majority of my prayer time. In fact, I almost forget what I’m going through when i’m focused on others and God. It’s actually freeing in many ways.

    • I hear you Ted. I think for many of us, this is a common problem. I try to be in contact with God all day by just thinking of Him or trying to offer to Him my day and ask His guidance. He is always in the back of my mind, I would like to bring Him to the forefront instead.

      Thanks for your input!
      May God give you Joy and Strength for the journey

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