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I Carry You Within My Heart

Before you were born I carried you under my heart

And I loved our connection~ ~

         our lives intertwined,

I nourished you with my body,

you nourished me with your spirit ~

hearts beating love to each other. . .


When you came into the world I held you close to my heart

And I loved our connection ~ ~

               our lives intertwined,

               eyes meeting eyes,

               fingers gripping  fingers,

               lips smiling love to each other. . .


Through the birthing and the smiling and the growing

you held a piece of my heart

and I loved our connection ~ ~

               we spent time learning to grow apart

               independent and free

               able to share this heart with others,

               this heart we knew all too well through the struggling

               to be. . .

               to be yourself. . .

               to be independent. . .

               your own person

               apart from the heart you grew under

               the heart that held you close. . .

We grew to learn that

We are different

We are the same

And I love our connection. . .                                     

Sandy Ozanich © 2012




This is a beautiful prayer and one that every country can pray because the state of this world is precarious. We all need the peace that prayers bring. Many blessings to Subhana Zein who authored this prayer.

Subhan Zein

Today, 17 August 2012, Indonesia celebrates the Independence Day, so I wrote a poem, “A Prayer for My Country”.

Merdeka! 🙂



O my Lord,

My prayer is simple.


Let the water and the soil, the air, and the fruit of
my country be sweet, my Lord.
Let the homeless find sanctuary not only for their body
but also their soul, my Lord.
Let the ignorance find their ways to enlightenment
and be content with humility, my Lord.
Let promises be fulfilled and
prayers be answered, my Lord.
Let compassion become the garment of the people
and love become their only way of life, my Lord.


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