I Carry You Within My Heart

Before you were born I carried you under my heart

And I loved our connection~ ~

         our lives intertwined,

I nourished you with my body,

you nourished me with your spirit ~

hearts beating love to each other. . .


When you came into the world I held you close to my heart

And I loved our connection ~ ~

               our lives intertwined,

               eyes meeting eyes,

               fingers gripping  fingers,

               lips smiling love to each other. . .


Through the birthing and the smiling and the growing

you held a piece of my heart

and I loved our connection ~ ~

               we spent time learning to grow apart

               independent and free

               able to share this heart with others,

               this heart we knew all too well through the struggling

               to be. . .

               to be yourself. . .

               to be independent. . .

               your own person

               apart from the heart you grew under

               the heart that held you close. . .

We grew to learn that

We are different

We are the same

And I love our connection. . .                                     

Sandy Ozanich © 2012




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