This is one of those things that is so darn sad and hurtful it’s hard to imagine. . .Please, Please pray and work to stop this bullying. Children are dying because it it.


The girl who made this video, Amanda Todd, 15, was found dead at her home in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, on Wednesday. She was a victim of bullying. Both of the cyber and the physical kind. Authorities believe her death was due to suicide following a prolonged bullying campaign.

It is with an immense feeling of sadness that I repost her video here. Thanks to Chris Jordan on whose blog I first read about Amanda

This young lady was systematically degraded, isolated and physically assaulted. I cannot comprehend the mentality of the people who hounded her so mercilessly. One can only hope that they have now seen Amanda’s video and that it is a wakeup call for them and for any others out there that have embarked on a similar path, who may already have someone in their sights.

My concern is that there are some sick individuals who…

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