In The Hands of God

From The Prayer:

“In The Hands Of God”


If You want me to rest,

I desire it for love;

If to labor,

I will die working:

Sweet Love say

Where, how and when.

What do You want of Me?


Calvary or Tabor give me,

Desert or fruitful land;

As Job suffering

Or John at Your breast;

Barren or fruiful vine,

Whatever be Your will:

What do You want of me?


Be I Joseph chained

Or as Egypt’s governor,

David pained

Or exalted high,

Jonas drowned,

Or Jonas freed:

What do You want of me?


Silent or speaking,

Fruitbearing or barren,

My wounds shown by the Law,

Rejoicing in the tender Gospel;

Sorrowing or exulting,

You alone live in me”

What do you want of me?


Yours I am, for You I was born:

What do You want of me?


St. Theresa of Avila




I read this poem this morning, a gift from a priest friend, and I had to ask myself, do I believe this prayer?  Can I offer this prayer as my own and believe it???


I say many things and I believe them when I say them, but THIS prayer, can I believe what it says when I pray it???


I want to say that I can.  I do believe it for what it says, because Theresa of Avila believed it.


Theresa of Avila is an extraordinary Saint, I’m not extraordinary in any fashion to the world, but in the eyes of God I pray that I am a saint in training. . .not quite there, need lots of work, but a saint in training nonetheless,  kind of like Clarence the “Angel in Training” from the movie, “What A Wonderful Life.”  He got his “wings” when he completed what he was given to do.  In the same way, I hope to get my “wings” when I can do what God wants of me – out of total love for Him – this is the prayer I make.


Get in touch with God.  Ask him what he wants of you today and everyday.  You won’t be disappointed ~ all you have to do is ask.  The funny thing is sometimes you will have no idea what God wants of you, but most people have an internal signal that tells them when they have strayed from the right path of life.  (I call that internal signal Holy Spirit ~ she is a wonderful companion)  We can usually tell when we are doing something that is not right.


Live in God and God will live in you!


Sandy Ozanich © 2012

One thought on “In The Hands of God

  1. I like that prayer – and it’s one I was praying today (in my own words). And it IS important to get your guidance from God and His Holy Spirit through prayer. Thanks for the post – it’s sort of a reconfirmation that I am on the right track.

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