I felt I just had to reblog this post by Samantha Craft for its stunning beauty. The beauty of words, the beauty of thought and the absolute beauty of the woman herself.

Several years ago I wrote a poem called:  Be Still and Know

Here is how it goes;

There lives deep within each human heart

a poet and a maker of music.

If we are still and listen we can hear them play.

And what glorious music they make

with the poetry of this human life ~ your life!

For the Author of all life and love bids you to come and play. . .

play the music, hear the poetry . . .

Be Still and Know!

Sandy Ozanich ~ (c) 2012

This post fits so beautifully with Samantha Craft. . .she is living her “craft” and life well.  I dedicate this poem to her today because she has touched my heart.

Everyday Asperger's

You are like music upon music upon music to me, a figure seemingly out of tune.

At times I think if I could only find your one song, the part that is truly you, then I could play you over and over, and dance, whether alone or together, in endless ecstasy.

Even as I tell myself you are complexity and spiraled wonder, I long to unravel you to thy very core—perhaps as some vegetable with heart or some flower with first petal.

I like to pretend you are easy to find, to see, to paint. For with easiness would come the grace of painting you into the shadowed corner of my existence: a mural to keep me safe, a walking space that requires no effort but touch. One finger slipped onto the wall of me and slid across your slivered silhouette.

For it is in my shadowed times, I cry…

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