I like this story very much. Sometimes it takes a parable to teach a valuable lesson.


The Job … By Art~

Deep in the woods, the wise forest owl gathered the animals of the forest and announced that the stream that provided water for their little community was not enough for every creature in the woods. That when summer comes their will be nearly no water from the little stream due to the drought that comes every year. He stated that he would hold interviews for a position to build a Dam to pool the water.

Most of the creatures of the woods conceded, thinking that the beaver would surely get the job. While the Owl, interviewed each applicant, the beaver sat outside the tree where the Board was held becoming impatient, saying, “Why waste this time, I will get this job. I am the best sooted for this type work. I am the only creature here with experience.”

The Owl patiently and with great thought considered each…

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