Living Between the Lines

            Sometimes in my living I get so caught up in my own agenda that I forget to stop for a moment and take a look around and listen ~ we’ve all heard the expression, “Take time to stop and smell the roses” (or for some of us, “smell the coffee”).

In my own way of trying to “stop and smell the roses”, I want to understand what it is that shapes my life and how it connects to the people I come in contact with.  It isn’t enough to live life in a straight line because life isn’t that way.  It has its own peculiar bumps and curves ~ ~ it has a way of showing me that following a straight line just is not the way to go.  Having a goal to shoot for is wonderful, but when that goal gets in the way of what is really important, then there’s a good chance that I’ll miss a great deal of life and love along the way.

For me it is more important to see people in terms of what I can learn from them and perhaps what they can learn from me.  It is more important to live between the lines, to see what I am not able to see and to hear what I am not able to hear.  Goals and success mean nothing if I am not tuned in to that still, small voice of God calling me to carry on the work that Christ has given me to do ~ ~ to be bread to another, to be life to another.

I have tried to stop and listen, to live between the lines of life in order to have some understanding of the various twists and turns those lines can take.  I must admit that I have not always stopped to listen. . .but for the times I did, boy what I was able to hear AND see.

After much thought, prayer and reflection there is nothing I would give back; not the pain, not the disappointment, not the loneliness; for to do that would mean not truly experiencing  the absolute joy and gladness those moments in life have taught.

Sandy Ozanich © 2013

6 thoughts on “Living Between the Lines

  1. My faith has grown, my joy has been deepest, my understanding of God’s goodness at its fullest, in moments of “valley” experiences. My husband and I have talked about whether we would make the same choices regarding his career path had we known the pain and trials that would come…perhaps with that foresight we would’ve chosen differently, but looking back and seeing how we’ve grown and learned to depend on God (and each other) more, we are very grateful.

    There are many bumps on the path, and we are going over some right now. There is uncertainty, but God is unchanging. We pray and we trust. Your post reminded me of His faithfulness and goodness. Thank you for sharing it! –Alison

    • Hi Alison,
      I hear what you are saying about staying the course, that had you known the trials you would encounter, God would still be there for you no matter. These are the times that help us grow. You know, growing pains aren’t just for kids!!! We get them as well, in our work, our life, our faith.

      I’m glad that I was able to help is some small measure.


    • Thank you Br. Andre. I too feel that through my conversations with others I can find that piece of reality and of holiness that I yearn for. As I told one other person tonight, if I can do even one or two of the things that made a saint a saint, I woulld feel that I have pleased God in some way and made Him smile.


  2. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for following my blog Dealing With COPD, I do appreciate the time and effort involved in such an endeavor. I started because of my situation, but I take inspriation in the blogs I read, Take Care — Bill

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