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I came to this article in a round about way. . .some would call it Providence. I was reading a blog from Will of Heart and found this article “What Does It Really Take To Lead” by From a Road Warrior.
I like this article and believe that all of us can benefit from what it says. Enjoy!

From a Road Warrior

During a recent conversation with a CEO client of mine, I asked him a cliche question,  “What do you think it takes to be a leader/manager? His answer was not what I expected,however.

He said: In one word I would say a great leader has empathy. None of my people here get to be leaders on any level without it. They must first learn that “I” must be replaced with “WE” and never to use “ME”. Also I learned that being great in a lower position rarely makes for a good leader. True leaders learn to maneuver that fine line between “Boss” and “Friend”. I have managers here that I really and truly believe their people go the extra mile for EVERY day, because they want to do it for their manager first, and then their team, not because they have to.

He went to say: One of…

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T ~ Find Out What It Means To Me

All right call me crazy, but if you are standing before a judge charged with a crime, especially a drug charge, do you think that laughing at the judge while he is speaking is a good thing to do???

That is what happened in a Florida courtroom this week.  An 18yr old girl was charged with possession of so many “bars” of Xanax.  Don’t know what “bars” of Xanax means, but I think most of us know what Xanax is.  It is a highly addictive drug.

This young woman laughed and was so shocked when the judge began by placing her under a $5,000 Bond.  When she continued to laugh and give him a huge eyed look and then walk away saying “Adios!”, he called her back to the bench and upped her Bond to $10,000 Bond.  At this she was downright rude and abusive to the Judge.  As she walked away she “flipped him the bird” and said, “F- -K You!”  Once again the Judge called her back and asks her if she just said what he thinks she said.  She said, “Yes, sir I did, I’m not gonna lie.”  The Judge in turn told her she was in contempt of court and sentences her to 30 days in jail.  This young girl then smiles and says, “That’s ok.”

When are we as a nation going to teach our children to be respectful for authority which includes parents, teachers and all authority.  Where does this girl get off being such a smarty pants with a Judge???  I am disappointed, but not surprised that this is going on.

Where does it come from???  You tell me, but I believe that it is the realm of the parents to teach their children to be respectful, courteous and just all around good people.  Is it a lack of faith teaching???  Are the kids not being taught about God???  I believe this is the case.  I would love to hear what you think.

Sandy Ozanich (c)

Accepting Our Anger and Fear

When a mother working in the kitchen hears the cries of her baby, she puts anything she is holding down and goes to the room of the baby, picks the baby up and holds the baby dearly in her arms. We do exactly the same thing when the seed of anger and fear manifest in us; our fear, our anger is our baby. Let us not try to suppress and to fight our fear and our anger. Let us recognize its presence; let us embrace it tenderly like a mother embracing her baby.” ~

Thich Nhat Hanh

Colby and Nathan waiting to ride the Jackc Rabbit Aug 25, 2012

I like this saying by Thich Nhat Hanh. . .how very true it is.  The harder we fight our anger, anxiety, or fear it seems the anger, anxiety and fear take a deeper grip on our minds and souls.

Learning is a good thing. I learned something from my 5 year old grandson Colby last week.  He was playing a Wii game with his 4 year old cousin Nathan.  Colby didn’t want to share playing a game with Nathan.  I said, “Colby, Nathan is your guest here at your house, why not share and play the game Nathan would like to play.  He came all this way to see you.”  Colby kind of balked so I said this: “Colby if you don’t share with him I’m just gonna have to come over there and give you a great big Kiss!!!”

Oh the look on Colby’s face when I threatened him with a big kiss. . .y’know, boys at that age are a bit funny about that stuff.  Sooo, when Colby didn’t share right away and after some cajoling with him, he finally relented and shared the game.  Since it took him so long to comply I told him he was gonna get a big kiss from me when that game was over.

OK, long way to get to the point ~ when I chased down a giggling Colby it took a massive grip and hold on him to give him that big kiss.  I kissed him all over his face and he giggled and giggled even though he struggled mightily to get free.

For me, the harder we struggle against the anger, the frustrations and anxiety of our lives, the deeper the anger or fear grips us and won’t let go. It causes a wounded spirit and after a period of time that wound festers and causes despair and deep anger at everyone.

Now I’m not saying we should be happy about our difficulties, whatever they may be, I am saying that perhaps the best weapon is to just let them be for a little time.  Embrace the anger, fear, grief and allow yourself to feel the emotion.  Feeling the emotion and doing something about it are two different things. It’s ok to feel the anger, it is NOT ok to go out and punch out the one who made you angry.  See the difference?  I can feel my anger, I can accept that I am angry, then I sit quietly with my anger and have a conversation with it.  You heard me right. . .you sit with your anger (or any other emotion) and have a discussion with it.

Find out why you are angry, fearful, depressed, etc. and talk it out.  Some of us like to write it out.  Writing is a great vehicle to releasing the emotion and embracing the peace.  You don’t have to be a great writer.  You don’t have to let anyone else see it.  This is between you, your emotion and God.  These are important exercises in embracing and then releasing these emotions that are giving you such a hard time.

Grace flows from an open heart. . .open your heart AND your emotions to God.  And in the meantime, do what you can do to just let them be. . .you will find that after an honest discussion about what may be causing the distress and taking time to be still, you will find peace.  It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

You don’t have to be happy about your emotions, but, you can learn mighty things from them.  Keep an open heart and an open mind and you will learn many wonderful things about yourself.

Sandy Ozanich (c)

Some Things I Think. . .

May the grace of God fill you.

May the blessing of God sustain you.

May the joy of God bring you to the fullness of His Spirit in the Light of His Love. . .

Let every tear you cry, every smile you give

be for the uplifting of the community and the welfare of your soul.

Sandy Ozanich (c)


“Boredom results from thinking too much of yourself”

I don’t know where this quote came from, if any of my readers know, I would love to know also.  I found it on a sign outside a Glass Replacement company near my home.  They always have an interesting saying or quote, and this one caught my imagination.

Thinking about the meaning of this quote really came too close to home.  I find myself getting bored on a pretty regular basis.  When I am out and about, visiting with friends or family, my mind is occupied and there is no boredom within reach.

On the other hand, when I am alone, I find it difficult to stay alone very long.  And if I’m really honest, it’s not so much the aloneness that gets to me, it’s the quiet.  Years ago I could sit quietly, meditate, pray, or listen to soft, beautiful music.  Today, ever since my lung transplant and the coming of our 4 grandchildren, staying quiet is not so much something I like. 

My mind is always busy thinking of so many things. I think of the kids, my family.  I think of the things that are going on in my country politically and events around the world.  I think of those suffering around the world because of their Christian faith.  God is on my mind as well.  I wonder what He is thinking and I pray that I am pleasing to Him.

So when I read this quote, “Boredom results from thinking too much of yourself”, I realized that I was thinking too much of myself and not sitting with and meditating on God, on what Jesus has done for me.  I have spent too much time wondering what God is thinking of me instead of thinking of God and how I feel about Him.

It’s time to come to my senses and give God what he so very much wants from me and that is my time.  He just wants me to sit with him and visit.  To offer my thoughts and praise and concerns with Him more often than I do now.

From my earliest days I have known that God is there.  As a child I thought about God in that most innocent way a child does.  Perhaps going back to sit on the lap of the Father and allowing Him to speak to me and I to Him is more desirable than anything that I do now.  I’m realizing that sitting with the Father and the Son and the Spirit is the first step to becoming more loving and good to my neighbor.

Sandy Ozanich © January 31, 2013