“Mom, are you sad?”

This is a story of a very courageous woman and her struggle with the Autism that has struck her son Easton. This is a story of his brother, Keegan who does his best to console his mother and Easton. I applaud them for their courage and compassion. . .

glass half full

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Monday night was not a good night.  The worst I have had in a while, actually.

But I learned something about myself, I was painfully reminded of something about Easton, and, most of all, I was incredibly proud of Keegan.

Our routine has been slightly (read: so-much-more-than-slightly) “off” these last several days.  We have had a little bit (read: a hell of a lot) going on at our house.  Not going into detail on that.  The point is: holy crap, we are a little stressed.

I believe all of this culminated into what I’m referring to as the “Epic Meltdown of ’13.”

The boys and I were happily playing outside.  Easton would literally stay outside aaaaaall the live-long day if we let him.  But, alas, it was time to go inside for bath and bed.

And the Epic Meltdown began.  It was more than just crying.  It was more than…

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