~ Arise To A New Day! ~

My friend is enduring a painful time in her life and it is hard trying to know how to help.

In one sense it is a mourning for a time gone by, a time of loving what you do and enjoying it every single day that you do it.  I know it sounds mysterious, but that is all I can be right now.

Answers don’t come easy. . .what to say, what not to say, who to say it to, what to do, what not to do?  I feel for her.  I have been in similar circumstances where I felt like I was between a rock and a hard place and no matter what I do someone is going to get hurt, a whistle will be blown, a moment in time comes and goes convinced that nothing will come of it or be done.

I was given the following poem by another great friend and I want to share it here.  I hope this poem will lift her up and give her a reason to believe that she is worth so much more than even she believes.  That no matter what a storm brings or who tosses her around with words that hurt, SHE will persevere!

Arise Woman of God

Rise up, O woman of God

In what He has given you,

The things God has laid on your heart,

Rise up, go forth, and do

Unlock what God has placed within,

The potential you have inside

The world is waiting for your release

To expand your wings and fly

Arise in your God-given gifts

For this is your finest hour

Arise in the Lord’s holy might,

Ignited and empowered

For God is calling you to come forth

To impact this world for Him,

Don’t hold back or limit yourself

Let His power arise within

And take His message to the world

To those that have lost their way,

For you can surely make a difference

If you’d hear His voice and obey

You shall be strengthened in the Lord

As you begin to arise,

Conquering those doubts that pull you down

And believe who you are in Christ

For you shall surely be transformed

As, in you, God increases more

And become a woman of true excellence

Bringing honour to her Lord.

(c) By M. S. Lowndes

This my good friend is who you are ~ don’t ever forget this.

Sandy Ozanich (c)

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