In Other Words

In other words ~

God speaks in other words ~

The words of Scripture ~

The words of our works.

God speaks through you ~

God speaks through me.

God speaks in other words. . ..

God speaks through other religions ~

Every person ~

Every search for truth ~


** A book called White Buffalo which I read many years ago, said the Indians said that we are not to make fun of Christian Scriptures or other spiritualities  for God speaks in other words.


My words:

I believe that God doesn’t just hang out in church waiting for us to show up ~ God hangs out in the “Comfort Inn”, at the Greyhound Bus Station, at the shelters, the prisons, any place where people are, God hangs out.

He hung out in a bar or two in Homestead, Pa. with the St. Francis of Assisi statue that my dad put on the bar next to the cash register.  My father told me he had a hard time finding a statue of St. Francis of Assisi.  So one day I saw a good size statue in the front window of the St. Vincent de Paul store in our area.  I asked my mother-in-law if she could go up and buy it  for me.  It was all black and stood about a foot tall.

My mother-in-law was in her 70’s at the time I think.  Anyway, she called me and told me that she got the statue but that she had a hard time carrying it home in a shopping bag because the statue was made of cement.  We both laughed about it.

The next day the St. Francis statue, myself and our 2 toddlers and one infant went to Homestead to see my dad.  So imagine me carrying a statue in one arm, an infant in a little infant seat in the other and 2 other little kids each holding on to the pockets in my coat.  We marched right into that local bar and put the statue down on the bar.  It was the middle of the day.  My dad was so thrilled about the statue that he placed it right beside the cash register.

As it turned out some people questioned why he would put St. Francis on the bar, feeling it was inappropriate.  My dad then went on to say that it is very appropriate because where else should he be but in a bar.  Not another word was spoken. . .

Sandy Ozanich (c) May 2013

6 thoughts on “In Other Words

  1. This is a wonderful story. I brought my statute of St. Francis in from the garden over the winter but just this week he was able to return as warmer weather has returned. I feel comfort and joy knowing he’s nestled in my garden and you are so right–God is everywhere. I’ve never believed you had to show up in a church to have a relationship with God. He’s with us wherever we go. Wonderful post.

    • Thank you so much Sheri! I believe God is everywhere. I KNOW that God is everywhere, even alongside a cash register in a bar.

      When my father died, many of the “barflys” came to pay respects. . .that was testament to how they felt about him.

      Blessings to you and yours,

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