I am blogging this because I feel it is important enough to read and understand. Both my husband and our daughter work(ed) for the federal gov. My husband for the now defunct Bureau of Mines and our daughter as a critical care nurse bin a VA Hosp.  They are affected just as Sheri de Grom almost was.

And my husband and our daughter are not people who were paid exhorbetant amounts of money. . .I think that is the big misconception by the folks out there who do not work for the government.  To be sure there are those who do get huge sums of money, not my husband and daughter.

And that is my soapbox for today. . .

Sheri Lawrence de Grom

Congress Places All Retirees At Risk
One Woman’s Opinion
By Sheri de Grom

DC Lots of PeopleCongress gave themselves a pay raise yet they haven’t received a satisfactory rating from their employers—the people of the United States in years. Other members of Congress became so discouraged with their inability to accomplish anything in Washington, they gave up and went home.

Meanwhile, Federal employees are watching what’s happening to their retirement plans while having their pay frozen since the beginning of 2011.

Congress has politicized federal pay freezes and other penalties for federal employees have been enacted. Do your representatives enjoy giving themselves a pay raise every year while cutting federal employee pay and benefits?

Federal employees and retirees (one of which would be me) have contributed fifteen million dollars from our savings over the past ten years through an increased pension contribution. These monies have been taken from a protected account by Congress…

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