After The Crash ~ by Martin Spinelli ~ Book Review

After the Crash Book Cover

After The Crash by Martin Spinelli (published by Main Stream Publishing/ is a beautiful and heart-rending story.


On September 7, 2006 life as it was came to an abrupt end, never to be the same again.  On that day Sasha, Martin’s wife and Lio, Martin’s son were in a horrific car crash that killed Sasha and left Lio in extremely critical condition with brain injury and a mangled leg.  They were hit by a truck that careened out of control and slammed into the car driven by Sasha.

The story of Martin and Sasha is such a good story. . .Martin tells of his falling in love with Sasha.  Martin is from New Jersey and Sasha is from England.  They found each other and found that they truly enjoyed each others company.

You will learn how they met, what drove them and how they fell in love.  They traveled together and in time found they could not live without each other.  This union of Martin and Sasha, this love for each other brought  Lio into their world of love, language and the excitement of learning so many sorts of things.  Lio was for them the culmination of their intense love for each the age of 4, Lio could speak Italian, French and was working on German.  It was Martin and Sasha’s love of learning that gave Lio such an active, inquisitive and engaging mind.

It is after the crash that Martin and Lio’s life took a sharp  turn to despair, only for a moment because Martin would not accept things as they were ~ he would not accept what the doctors were telling him.

Martin’s love for Lio was so very intense that he studied about how to help Lio recover and learned about brain injury.  Martin would not take no for an answer when confronted with the seriousness of Lio’s condition.  He was adamant that his son would recover and not only recover, but return to his normal place with his brain in tact and his leg restored ~ nothing more, nothing less~ not only this, but Martin still had to deal with the loss of his love, Sasha.

This story is a story of amazing emotions.  I applaud Martin Spinelli for his brutal honesty at times.  The sadness he had to quash in order to take care of Lio.  He speaks of things that you and I would also feel if faced with such circumstances.  I applaud his tenacity for helping Lio recover.  It was not an easy task.  At times I believe he wished he didn’t have to deal with so much for so long.

You will witness day after day of recovery, the triumphs and the failures now and again.  Most of all you will experience the frustration of a parent dealing with doctors who keep telling you that your child will not survive.

I urge you to read this remarkable story of love, loss, extreme sadness and recovery.  I urge you to read this story to witness what the love of a father can do, what  the love of a son for his father can do, what LOVE can do.

This is  a story of triumph!!!

Sandy Ozanich (c) June 2013

2 thoughts on “After The Crash ~ by Martin Spinelli ~ Book Review

    • Thank You Shakti! Yes, this book is so good. . .even though the pain is palpable the joy is even more so. Martin Spinelli will love that you will read his and Lio’s story.

      May you be blessed!

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