David has very good information here. I worry about the new so-called Obamacare coming because I am a double lung transplant recipient as of September 30, 2005. It concerns me because I can see the day coming when I am told that I am too old for a certain procedure or medical practice and will be sent home and left to deal with it on my own.

Right now I must go to the hospital to get a breathing treatment which is designed to help prevent pneumycystic pneumonia. I used to take pills for that, but the pill I took over the course of 5 years started to work against my body, so they prescribed another pill. What I didn’t know until the pharmacist called is that the co-pay for this pill is over $400 a month. I can’t afford that, so I go to the hospital to inhale this nasty medicine that makes you gag and cough because they don’t want to pay for the pill. The visits to the hospital cost over $1,000. . .so help me out, does this sound reasonable?. . .read David’s view here.

David N Walker

You hear a lot of talk from politicians and bureaucrats about how to curtail the cost of Medicare. They’re all good at crying about it, but they rarely come up with good solid solutions to the problem.

Usually, the first thing they want to do is make it more difficult for people to get the medical care they need. My friend Sheri de Grom posted a blog last week that will make your hair stand up about the way Medicare has treated her in her quest to get much-needed treatment. Click here to see her post.

The next thing on their agenda always seems to be making it more and more difficult for doctors to make a living. I don’t know about brain surgeons, but I know my internist struggles to generate enough income to pay his malpractice insurance, his office help—including the extra personnel it takes to cross all…

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2 thoughts on “Medicare

  1. Hi Sandy – Thanks for reblogging David’s post. The more we get the word out, the better off we’ll all be. You have a valid concern. Have you thought about adding another category to your blog so that when things start heating up and the web is being searched for individual stories of people that are being impacted by Obamacare, your story would be found. You wouldn’t have to categorize it as Medicare or Obamacare – but you do have a unique situation and you have a voice.

  2. Sheri, you do have a good idea!!! I will add a category on the side that says “Health Concerns & Insurance”, something like that. Thanks for your imput.

    I wonder, have you received your book yet ~ “7 Men by Eric Metaxas”? As a matter of fact, the company is sending me another 2 books to read and review. . .hmmm, wonder if doing
    this kind of thing would pay. . .I’ll have to check into that. I would much rather do that than sit behind a desk.

    Talk soon, thanks for your input!!!
    Blessings to you and yours,

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