Such An Unsettling Time and Other Thoughts

Hi folks,

You know, I have been pondering for days about two things.  The first thing is the decision President Obama is going to make about whether or not to bomb Syria.  What a decision to have to make.

Let me offer my  thoughts on what should happen in this crisis.  I think the only thing that makes sense to me is to stay the heck out of Syria.  If the President decides to bomb Syria I believe it will start a domino effect of violence that we have not seen before.

The scenario I see is more death in a place where many thousands of men, women and children are being slaughtered.  I don’t know who is doing it, but whoever is doing it is trying to entice the United States into a war that will end more innocent lives.  Beyond the American military who will lose their lives, Israel is the target the Syrian president is waiting for.  He or someone in his government has said that if the United States starts bombing Syria, they will “rain down missiles on Israel”.  Israel has been a target for an eternity, they just need an excuse to start bombing them.  If we fall for this enticement, I fear much bloodshed in Syria, Israel and the United States.

We seriously need to beg God to hear our prayers for peace.  God knows how volatile this situation is and how many lives are at stake.


The next issue I want to address is the death sentence against Nidal Hassan, the Fort Hood shooter.  I totally disagree with the death sentence because it is what he wants.  He wants to die a martyr, we should not give it to him.  I believe that God is the arbiter of who lives and who dies.  In fact, in my humble opinion, I believe the worse punishment is to sentence him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  Let him sit in his jail cell day after day, not being able to walk, to sit and think.  I would cut off all communication with anyone who is from his religious beliefs.  All communication should go through the warden of the Leavenworth Prison.

I know that the families want justice and I understand their need to see a concrete conclusion to these horrific murders, death would soothe them for a time, but it won’t do anything to bring back those precious lives he took.  A death sentence sounds to the families like the proper and just punishment, but to my way of thinking, why give him what he wants???  Give him a proper punishment, make him live out his days thinking about what he has done, to live a life of needing others to do for him what he can no longer do.

I’m not used to writing about such things, but they have been on  my mind and I felt the need to write them down and share my thoughts.

What about you???  What are your thoughts?

Sandy Ozanich (c)

9 thoughts on “Such An Unsettling Time and Other Thoughts

  1. “Though shalt not murder.” Period. That law does not say, “Though shalt not murder except when it is government sanctioned.”

    Thanks for your thoughtful psot, Sandy. 🙂

  2. I am in total agreement with both your assessments. First of all, no good will come out of any kind of American military involvement in Syria. I do not think that we really grasp what is going on in the mid east nor do we understand the mid eastern history or mentality. Our involvement will only lead to further escalation of violence and no real solution. Secondly, I do not agree with the death penalty. It will only make the man a “martyr”. Life imprisonment without the possibility of parole seems, to me, the way to go. Again, I do not think that we understand where fanatical Islam is coming from.

  3. Thank you! I believe that the people in our country, for the most part, do not understand how deadly serious this situation is. If you will pardon the expression, this is not a “pissing” contest between world powers. Radical Islam has a real goal, and that is to make the entire world Muslim under Sharia Law. I would hope others, especially our government authorities would read the history of Radical Islam and what they have been wanting to achieve for centuries. This is nothing new.

    As far as Nidal Hasan, he does not “deserve” to be martyred for his crimes. In his case, this would be an honor which he does not deserve.

    May you continue to be blessed!

  4. I believe that killing Hassan is wrong and that lifetime imprisonment is suitable for his crime of murder. I don’t think his desires or his religion are relevant. Justice is not about considering or ignoring his religion or wishes, whatever they may be.

    As for Syria, I completely understand a concern for the complex consequences, but, if a person is ordering the indiscriminate deaths if innocent civilians, it seems almost immoral to not act. By analogy, we wouldn’t not intervene on a spouse amused just because he might, in the future, hurt someone else, too. Still, the consequences of intervention are serious and real and require serious thought.

      • David, I appreciate your honesty and your opinion on Hassan and Syria. I understand your concern about the killing in Syria. I have thought about what you have talked about here and though I would normally agree with your ideas, in this case, I believe it is the wrong thing to do. I have been watching what is going on over there and as horrific as this is, this kind of thing is something that will cause even more killing. I refer of course to Israel first and the United States second.

        As for Hassan, again, if this were a “normal”situation I would agree that religion should have nothing to do with it, but Islam is more than just a religion, it is all rolled into politics and a religion that has been been distorted over the centuries into something that it is not. Radical Islam, which calls itself the “religion of peace” is far from that moniker. Traditional Islam, is much different.


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