“Death by Living” by N. D. Wilson ~ A Book Review

 Death by Living

“Life is Meant to be Spent”


N.D. Wilson


N. D. has written a book that will have you reflecting, wondering and perhaps looking at life a bit differently. I believe N. D. captures the very true fact that with every breath we take, we are moving forward to our own death, so why not live each moment to its fullest.

I think for most of us, the idea of thinking about moving toward our own death is something that does not sit well with us. In our culture, we would rather spend our thinking time on other more pleasant things, like life and living.


On page 83 N. D. posits: ‘If life is a story, how then shall we live?” Good question and something we all must face. And face it we will . . .it all depends with what attitude we face it.


This is a good book, N. D. puts before us very personal stories of life and living, death and dying. I like his style of writing; personable and conversational. If I am to be honest, I do have a criticism. I feel he uses too many clichés. But, of course, this is only my personal taste. His style of writing is folksy at times and perhaps a bit overdone. The other thing that caught me off guard is N. D.’s negative look at Catholicism. I understand that it is his opinion and his own feeling, however, being Catholic myself, I found it a bit unsettling.


Don’t misunderstand, there is so much in this book to pull from. There is a richness of information. N. D. gives us a look at our culture and the culture of the days on Jesus. This is something that I really enjoyed.

I would recommend “Death by Living’ because it offers a unique look at how we live, what we find important and how we face each precious moment.


Sandy Ozanich


















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