Billy Grahams Last Sermon

Billy Graham at 95  

I watched Billy Graham’s Last Sermon on the Fox News Channel last evening.  What a man!!!  At the age of 95 he has always stayed true to his message to the world.  He never deviated from his ministry.  His years have been long with many opportunities along the way that could have swayed him from what he believes God wanted of him. 

Life gives us many joyful times but we receive sorrowful times as well.  It’s easy to stay true to God when things are going well.  The test is in the way we deal with pain and sorrow, disappointment and betrayal.  How do we deal with those things?  Billy Graham said that when he was tested or in a situation, no matter what it was, he went to the Cross of Jesus for forgiveness and strength.  I like this man very much and know that when God does call him he will be embraced by his loving Jesus and welcomed home.

God Bless you Billy Graham and Happy 95th Birthday!

Sandy Ozanich © November 7, 2013

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