Thankful ~ Grateful ~ Prayerful. . .

I like how theses three terms come together to say, yes Lord. . .thank you for hearing me and my friends and family ~ I am grateful for your Love for me ~ I am in a prayerful frame remembering your mercy.

When life events make such an imprint on my body, my memory, my psyche I feel the need to ask for help in discerning what is happening, either good or bad.  When I described the terrible pain I had been experiencing in my right leg, my friends, family and prayer friends came to my side with prayers lifted to God for relief.

Yesterday through the intervention of my primary Dr. I received a cortisone shot in the right side of my knee and all the prayers offered brought a nice amount of relief when I woke this morning.  How thankful I am  for that.

I am grateful to God for hearing  the prayers offered on my behalf!  Prayer is such a powerful thing. . .we should use it wisely and often.  Gratitude also.  I hope I continue to realize how very wonderful it is to offer my gratitude every time someone else does a good turn.  It doesn’t even have to be toward me, it only has to be noticed and I like to let them know that what they have done is good and worthy of gratitude.  I’m not always good at that, but I’m trying.

Last, prayerful.  I have saved the most powerful, in my opinion for being prayerful.  Now I must admit that I don’t always use “formal” prayers; like those in prayer-books and such.  It seems I always have God on my mind and I talk to or think of God in most circumstances of my day.  Usually it’s when I have said or thought something that really is not kind about someone.  I have this terrible tendency to judge people by how they look or talk or “represent” who they are.  I really dislike that part of me, but being honest, that is what happens.  So when caught in one of those moments I’m looking to God and thinking, so very sorry. . .it just slipped.  Or other such “wise” things to say.  It just makes me feel uneasy and guilty to think those things or sometimes say  them (which I do if I’m with a family member or friend while driving).  I think while driving is where I commit the most “judgemental” sins.  I see these drivers doing what I think are stupid things and then my mouth goes off. . .Sorry Lord. . .is always the last comment.

So, today I am thankful, grateful and prayerful for you ~

May you have a day than encompasses all of these things and for the days to come!

Sandy Ozanich (c) March 1, 2014

2 thoughts on “Thankful ~ Grateful ~ Prayerful. . .

  1. Thank you, Sandy, for sharing your faith with us. Thankful – Grateful – Prayerful – it’s all at the core of Christian spirituality. I particulary like your comments on prayer. Formal prayer has its important place but prayer of the heart is where it’s at…spontaneous conversation with the Lord. Just sharing what’s on our mind and in our heart.

  2. Interesting post, Sandy. Thank you for sharing this. And yes, we should have ‘prayerful’ in the Webster dictionary and make it official. It is interesting that the culture is shaped by language in that the vocabulary you have and use determine your acts and eventually behaviors.

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