prayer to St. Paul of the Cross

This is a beautiful reflection and prayer by my good friend Br. Andre’ Mathieu. Have a Blessed Holy Week everyone!

Andre's Hearth

Today is Friday of the Fifth week of Lent.  Amazing isn’t it?  Next week is Holy Week.  Holy Week is the most sacred week of the year for Christians world wide, and it is particularly sacred to the Passionist community of Vowed Religious men and women, Lay Associates and friends.  Saint Paul of the Cross, our Founder, urges us to enter this week with a right mind and heart.  Following is a prayer to St. Paul of the Cross that may be helpful to all of us to pray as we prepare to celebrate the great mysteries of our redemption.

O good St. Paul of the Cross, you proclaimed God’s wonders in the Passion of God’s only Son.  By word and deed you became a preacher of the gospel to a world grown cold to the love of Jesus Christ.  Help me to see God’s love in the merciful cross of…

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