Resurrection is more than the cross we see,
and more than the story we’ve been told.
Resurrection is not something that was simply done for you and me,
It is more that the pretty holy card pictures and the prayers on the back;

Resurrection is something that requires of us a little dying each day,
A little rising above the deaths of our lives ~ ~
It is the truth that Christ died to show me how to live, to show me life.

And if you tell me that Resurrection was a biblical event some 2,000 years ago
I will tell you that I can’t understand, I can’t comprehend. . .
But when you stand before me and show me your wounds,
when you invite me to share in your pain, then I know, then I can comprehend. . .


each day an alcoholic goes without drink. . .
there is resurrection

each day a child is caressed in love and not struck in anger. . .
there is resurrection

for every day a person in depression and darkness sees the joy of life. . .
there is resurrection

for every victim of AIDS who finds comfort with a friend. . .
there is resurrection

every time the homeless find a home. . .
there is resurrection

whenever the cry of the poor is heard. . .
there is resurrection

when we can accept love and life as it is. . .
there is resurrection

when I can live fully,
when I can get strong in the middle of the pain
and still smile others into existence. . .
there is resurrection

when I can see light in the darkness of my heart
when I can love myself and see my goodness,
there is resurrection
when I can accept your concern and claim that as a way back through
the jungle of guilt and confusion. . .
There is resurrection

Sometimes it is so hard to live each day in the midst of what I see on the streets,
In my office, at home, in the lives of those I love. . .
Sometimes I want to run away and cry ~ ~ sometimes it is easier to die
than to be brought to life . . . sometimes. . .

Resurrection means “rising” above the death that living can bring.

For I cannot believe in a God who folds his arms over his chest and says,
“I can have nothing to do with you, you are a sinner”,
I can only believe in a God who catches me when I fall!

God can do nothing else,
God is Love,
God is Resurrection!!!

Sandy Ozanich © 2012

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