Did Ya Ever Just Wonder. . .did ya???

I saw this “quote” written as graffiti on a wall near my home.  I looked at it and thought, this graffiti has real meaning.  Of course it made me wonder about many things.  I think we all wonder about things such as, Who is God?, Why am I here?, Do I really matter in this world?, Why do I have so much trauma in my life???

I have a story to tell you that will have you asking your own questions.  In January of this year two of my dear friends went to Haiti to see for themselves what is happening there and to be of some assistance to the people of Haiti.

My friends and I are covenanted Associates of the Passionists, an order of priests and nuns that was founded by St. Paul of the Cross.  One of our own Passionist Priests, Fr. Rick Frechette has been living and working there for over 25 years.  Fr. Rick is also a physician.  He built a pediatric hospital and orphanage for all the children who have been injured and left homeless orphans due to a devastating earthquake in January of 2010.

What Jan and Linda, who traveled with a few others, were not prepared for what they would experience.  They visited the pediatric hospital and orphanage and found children who were so very beautiful and suffering from cancer, illnesses from living in decaying and unhealthy places, some from amputations, etc. . .so many things.

Did ya ever wonder what would make these children and their mothers happy???  Did ya???  It was the power of a lollipop, 2 coloring book pages and 2 crayons and even a new dress or underpants.  This is what makes these kids happy.

Jan, Linda, and the other women brought 1,000 lollipops, some new dresses made by women in the States and new underpants for young boys and girls. . .the faces of these children were priceless as they held up their underpants to show on camera.   The girls showed off their new dresses.

On two days, my friends helped in the clinic that was basically an outdoor pavilion which looked more like a beat up old concrete space with a wall around it.  They saw 250 to 300 people a day.  These people came when they heard the doctors were coming and lined up outside the wall.  The young and the old appeared.  Each and every one of them were seen by one of the doctors.  That is a very long day in 95 degree heat.

When the doctors work at St. Damien’s/St. Luke’s Hospitals, they walk back and forth to the Villa Francesa compound after working at the hospitals all day.  These relatively short walks, but on dark and dangerous roads.  That is where the golf cart would help them tremendously.  The doctors walk as a group at night and wear a hat with a light so they can see where they are going.  They don’t walk alone because of gang activity.

So, Linda and Jan wondered if they would be able to raise enough funds to buy these doctors a golf cart so they can get back quicker and safer then they do now.

Would you be interested in helping to get these doctors a golf cart? Just wonder about what your donation for a golf cart would do for the doctors who are helping these wonderful people in Haiti.  Let your heart and the Lord guide you.  The children and doctors in Haiti will be forever grateful.

Here is the information:


 Golf Cart

Golf Cart Donation Campaign for Fr. Rick Frechette, C.P.
St. Luke Foundation for Haiti
Medical Teams and lay volunteers from all over the world donate their time and talents to the ill and suffering Haitian people. Currently, there is only one golf cart available for use by volunteers helping Fr. Rick’s organizations. As a result, many walk back, often without protection, to the guarded compound in the dark, after a long day of surgery, nursing care, and/or volunteerism. Additional golf cart(s) would make their lives easier and keep them safe.
Contributions to the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti are tax-deductible.
God Bless you for your kindness and generosity.

Please make checks payable to: St. Luke Foundation for Haiti
Name ____________________________________________________
Street Address______________________________________________
City__________________________ State______ Zip Code__________
Amount ________________
Send to: Janice Marco
1225 South Braddock Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15218


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