Meditation on a Rainy Day

O Lord, how bountiful are your clouds, what a beauty is your painting in the sky.  I love to gaze upon your handiwork and ponder how mighty you are.

O Lord, how rich is the rain that falls from these creations of delight!  How powerful are the drops that fall to enrich the land, grow our plants and give water to drink.

O Lord, in my own country and other parts of the world they hunger and thirst for rain, the people call out to you, where is the rain that nourishes the fields and gives our children refreshment for their bodies, our cattle rain to drink?

O Lord, Creator of sky and sea, grace those lands that cry out to you for rain, for water, for nourishment!

May the healing drops of rain bring life to all who beseech You!


Sandy Ozanich © July 28, 2014

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