Going to the Zoo

Going to the zoo was such a highlight of my week last week. Haven’t been there for years, since my children were little. How nice to see the new habitats and the animals wandering freely, unfettered by bars and cages too small for their pacing steps..

How wonderful it would be if we could free ourselves from the “prisons” of our own making.  How many of us are living within prisons of isolation, depression, anger and fear.  I pray that you be released and become free to follow your passion and true joy!

It was so enjoyable being there with my oldest daughter Megan and her two little children, Nathan 6 and Natalie 3. We walked and talked with the animals. Many pictures were taken and faux anthills were climbed. What more could one person ask? Family, good weather and lots of walking.   For us, or for me at least this was like a walk through the Garden of Eden without the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. . .pure joy!

These are the diamonds in our life that sparkle, shine like the sun and bring us life. Everyday experiences are divine experiences when we can recognize God in the midst of all that lives and breathes. . .

So today, open up your senses to the divine in your life, your family, in your surroundings, in your heart and soul. This is where we find God ~ in the whisper, the beauty, the struggles and joys of living.

Sandy Ozanich © August 4, 2014

2 thoughts on “Going to the Zoo

  1. It would be wonderful if we could free ourselves from the prisons that restrict us. Animals don’t always feel this way — or maybe we feel more like they do at times. If you read Gerald Durrell’s books, you learn that some animals actually feel more secure in a confined space. More protected, like nothing can harm them there. Maye that’s why we retreat to our cages, too, when life seems threatening?

    • Christine,
      Point taken, it makes sense that the would feel secure. I worry about the ones who are in such small cages.

      To your point about us going to our cages, I think we all do that from time to time. The trouble comes when we decide to stay there.

      Be blessed

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