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Are You Going To Keep Me Safe?

Anyone who lives in or near Pittsburgh, PA knows about our amusement park Kennywood Park.  Kennywood has been around since the late 1800’s.  It is a great place to go and ride rides, eat great foods and enjoy the walk around the park, a real family place.  It was here that I learned a very great lesson and it came through my 3 yr. old granddaughter Natalie.

It was a family affair at Kennywood Park on August 21, 2014.  Both my daughters and one of the son-in-law’s, all 4 grand-kids, and my son Brian were there.  We walked around, watched the kiddies in Kiddyland then moved on to the “big kid” rides.  The fun of just walking around and watching these little ones enjoy this day was enough for me even without riding anything.  Nothing is sweeter for me than to be with these little ones and watch their joy.

We came upon a ride called Parachutes.  It is a ride where you sit on an oblong seat, safety latch in and go around in circles at a nice clip, the ride then starts to move in an circle as if it on it’s side, one side is low and the other side of the circle goes high,  As I was in line with Natalie, she was holding my hand and she says, “I don’t like to go high”.   I told her, “It’s ok, cause you will be with me.”  She then asks, “Are you going to keep me safe?”  I told her, “absolutely Natalie.  I won’t let anything happen to you.  I will keep you safe.”  That was all Natalie needed to hear.

When we got on the ride, I put her on the seat first, then I climbed in next to her with my arm around her back.  She gently took my arm, and pulled it around her body and tucked my hand into the space between her and I.  She said, “That’s better”

We rode the Parachutes twice that day and the whole time I “kept her safe”.

This interaction with Natalie made me think of how we look toward God.  I think many of us look to God to “keep us safe” and we want to wrap God’s arm around us to help us feel the safety.  God is a loving God, a big God and a God who wants the best for us.  We have to be willing to hand our trust over to God, to say, “I want you to keep me safe” the whole time knowing that it is in God that we live and move and have our being.  Having the trust and faith of a child endears us to our Creator and our Creator to us.

As adults it is hard to hand over our very selves to God, trusting in the goodness, love and guidance that God offers.  After all, we want to do it ourselves. . .we are adults, we know what we are doing, don’t treat me like a kid. . .in this way perhaps we are acting like the kids who stomp their little feet on the ground because “I want to do it myself”.  

Now is time to turn our lives, our souls, our trust over to God ~ God will keep us safe!

Sandy Ozanich (c) August 28, 2014


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